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Keep your shoes in top condition with a few simple actions. If shoes are cared for regularly, and as recommended, they will last longer, look better, keep their shape, and maintain water resistance. We recommend the following general guidelines in caring for your shoes.

  • The use of shoe trees is recommended to maintain the shape of the shoes when not being worn. To prevent the backs of the shoes from creasing and cracking, we suggest using a shoe horn to ease the foot into the shoe.
  • Give your shoes a rest! Keep two pairs of day-to-day shoes for wearing on alternate days. This will allow perspiration and any moisture to dry thoroughly.
  • Applying a shoe protector spray is one of the most important shoe care products for leather, suede, nubuck and canvas shoes. It forms an invisible barrier against rain and everyday stains without affecting the breathability of the leather.
  • Do not wash shoes or insoles in the washing machine unless they are specifically labelled as machine washable.
  • Allow footwear to air dry. Wet shoes should never be dried in front of an open fire, put in a dryer, or put on a radiator.
  • Never apply shoe cleaner, shoe cream, or shoe polish to shoes when they are wet.
  • Always follow specific cleaning instructions and shoe care products designed for your shoes’ material.



Proper care of leather shoes will keep your shoes looking and feeling good for a long time. We recommend the following general guidelines in caring for your leather shoes. Before applying shoe cleaner to your leather shoes, gently wipe excess dirt from your leather shoes with a soft, dry cloth then wipe the shoes with a damp cloth. Remove the laces from your shoes.

Let the leather dry naturally before applying shoe cream polish or mink oil to your shoes. A high-quality shoe cream polish in a similar color to your shoes is the best shoe cleaner you can use for leather shoes.

  • Keep white leather shoes looking fresh by using a white shoe cleaner. Using a special white shoe cleaner or sneaker cleaner will restore the look of white leather footwear.
  • To protect your leather shoes, we suggest using a suitable Protector Spray for water and stain protection (silicone spray may darken the leather).
  • After repeated use, certain leathers require a performance conditioner.



Begin by using a damp cloth to wipe away any debris.

  • Wipe leather dry then try stuffing your shoes with paper or dry towel to help absorb moisture and maintain the shape as they dry. Depending on the extent of the soaking, this could take from 2 hours to 2 days. Shoe trees can also be used to keep the shape of the shoe intact. Do not place the shoes near a heat source; let them dry slowly at room temperature. Leave to dry overnight or until moisture has completely evaporated.



Compared to polished leathers or synthetic materials, suede shoes require a bit of extra care. Caring for suede shoes isn’t complicated, and a quality shoe cleaning kit should have everything you’ll need. We recommend the following general guidelines in caring for your Suede & Nubuck shoes.

  • To clean your nubuck or suede shoes, we suggest using a firm, nubuck rubber eraser to remove soil. Brush leather with a suede brush.
  • Suede shoes will crease if they are not stored properly. To reduce creases and wrinkles in suede shoes, pop shoe trees into your suede shoes when they’re at rest.
  • The key to suede shoe care is consistent maintenance. Keep your shoe cleaning kit at the ready and clean stains as soon as you see them. To prevent stains from occurring, use a quality suede shoe protector spray before you wear suede or nubuck shoes for the first time.



We recommend the following general guidelines in caring for your Removeable Shoe Insoles in our men’s shoes and women’s shoes.

  • Remove the insoles from your shoes and brush lightly with a scrub brush using minimal soap and water.
  • Allow insoles to air dry, do not machine wash or dry.
  • Regular cleaning of removable shoe insoles is a great way to reduce odor from leather shoes.